Crazy Cat Lady?

It’s funny isn’t it. People, myself included, have done or do use the term “crazy cat lady” in jest !
But recently, the last few months especially I’ve been feel lonely. And I sympathise with people who do turn to animals for


I used to think I had many close friends. I don’t.

I hate sounding so down like this, why would anybody want to read such a depressive post ? In all fairness, I am lonely.
I don’t have any friends, not really.
I have people who say they’re my friends, but no they’re not. They don’t talk to me, they don’t “try” with me. They just get irritated with me when I can’t come to their beck and call.
Talk about me behind my back.

I have been turning to animals to have some company. First it was a hamster, then my hamster had babies and I kept two… today I got a cat. They’re helping me feel like I have company, friends.

I want more. I want to feel like I have friends. My animals are my friends.

I’m turning into a “crazy cat lady ”
But it helps me cope.
And i dont mind that 


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Bashing those bad habits

I’m trying to get my 2 and a half year old to stop napping during the day.

See the thing is  with my little girl is.. If she doesn’t nap she will pass out at around 6pm (which SHOULD be a normal time for that age) but then she will ready to party by 11pm when I’m in bed about to get the precious little sleep I do get, fall back to sleep around 4.30am then wake around 8.30. BUT. If she DOES nap, no matter how little this nap is… She will be awake until between 11pm-2am then periodically wake up every hour crying finally waking at 5am and deciding shes had enough. As well as this, she has night terrors and sleep apnea so even if it appears to be a good night in five minutes time that might not necessarily be the case !!
Every night is full of tears and tantrums, and she cries a bit too.
What do you do in this situation? Will she just grow into it ? Why didn’t anybody warn me two year olds were so exhausting ?! It’s lucky we love our kids so much, because we wouldn’t do this for anybody else !! Pass us parents the coffee !!

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