5 things that may happen when your child turns two

If you’re as lucky as I am it’s quite possible these will start to happen before they hit two, but here are 5 things that MAY happen when/around the time your child turns two. ( these are based purely on my experiences, they won’t necessarily happen to you. But they’re very likely xD )

1: There’s food everywhere. And toys. And crayon. Its on your walls its on your floor its on your laptop, toilet, wardrobe; everywhere with a hard surface there are huge crayon masterpieces !! Food smeared/stuffed/rubbed into every crevasse of the house. That bad smell? Its last week’s spaghetti bolognaise seeping out the sides of your sofa. Toys? I remember my mum dislocating her knee falling over my toys when I was around 2-3 years old. There is no point in tidying your house until they are asleep but you will find yourself doing it anyway because your house looks like you have a major toy hoarding problem. Or you’ve had a field day at the boot sale..  And quite frankly climbing that mountain of toys to stop them drawing a huge red spiral on your white walls just  doesn’t look that fun.

2: The “I’ll do what I want” attitude. I find myself repeating the same things hundreds of times a day, and every single day. My daughter is a cheeky little one ! She knows what she’s doing is wrong, and as I’m telling her not to do whatever it is she is doing ( for the 17th time that morning ) she gives me the biggest, slyest smile as if to say “I’m gonna enjoy this”. After being told after ” that’s wrong, this is why, don’t do it again” within ten seconds shell zoom past me like a cheetah and do it again ! And the process repeats. I’m hoping one day she will just get bored of the sound of my voice, cause I know I am !

3: No fear !! I have to keep my eyes on my daughter 24 hours a day because she’s a born acrobatic. When I was pregnant she had her foot hooked around my rib and did full blown somersaults every hour, I should of known then what I was in for. It’s probably a good idea  just to get padding over every inch of your house, because you’ll be stopping them performing a leap of faith off of the side of your sofa multiple times a day. I’m very surprised I’m not a size zero, sitting down isn’t an option !!

4: Did you know the wheels on the bus go round and round? You do now.

5: Sleep. Why do they fight it so much ? They’re tired so you put them to bed, but they don’t sleep. Instead they choose to cry. Why? Because they’re tired. But still refuse to sleep! After a few tantrums and tears ( from you too ) they finally go to sleep. Your head hits the pillow you’re about to drop off then… BOOM they’re awake. I’m convinced children have alarms in their brain that fire off whenever you start to feel relaxed.

Just a touch on the many difficult experiences of parenting a toddler. Yet despite the lack of sleep, the constant cleaning, the mini heart attacks of fear, going to sleep singing “let it go” and waking up humming beauty and the beast, I love this age. Their little personalities really start to shine! You marvel even more at how amazingly beautiful and clever your children are because they surprise you every single day and you find yourself beaming at them with pride and love whenever they tell you “I love you” or do their ABCs. It doesn’t compare to anything else in the world 🙂
Now Esme, time to work on getting some hair…


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