My Love

You know when you meet those people you instantly connect with ? You feel like you’ve known somebody for years, yet you have only just met them? Conversation flows so easily you don’t have to act “proper” or put on your phone voice (as i like to call it) you can be yourself completely.

That’s the connection I had with my boyfriend when i met him. Still do now ! Sounds so cheesy doesn’t it?! XD  I’ve never been a lovey-dovey girl, i can’t watch romantic films because I am probably the most cynical woman on the planet ( “that shit doesn’t exist!” or “give it a week he will be calling her a fat bitch”). I avoid them like the plague. Also like majority of other women I have had my fair share of failed relationships. Men ( or boys ) promising you the world, offering you everything you have ever wanted and we naively believe them! Those men you have been with in the past that make you feel like you’re there to serve them, like you’re not a person at all yet you still make every effort to make them happy and its all in vain? After years of searching for that perfect man you eventually realise there is no such thing and you just can’t be bothered anymore. If it happens it happens right?

Funnily enough, i met my boyfriend on Tinder of all places! I was really reluctant to join when a friend of mind recommended it as i knew majority of the people on there would be the usual self loving assholes who just want a bit of fun. Who can be bothered for that? After much persuasion and reassurance that she had only joined for broadening her social circle and making new friends i joined. My first match was exactly what id been expecting. His favourite word seemed to be cheeky and kept asking me to send “cheeky snapchats” because I’m so “cheeky” UGH!! Luckily my next match was my boyfriend, Simon. We clicked instantly! Me being me, i got a little excited even though my head was telling me to be careful i couldn’t help myself. There was something about this guy ? Something different. We met the next day ( in a public, busy place ) which again wasn’t like me. Usually I would wait for a while before even thinking about meeting! He rolled up in a suit, as he’d just been to a job interview (I like to think it was all for me though 😉 ) and I knew there and then I would be with this man. I could feel it !

We’d been seeing each other for 5 months when he asked me out. Christmas eve he sent me the most GORGEOUS video with all the pictures of us, all of our little quotes scattered across it and our favourite places to go together, all the reasons he loves me and why I’m so special to him with a beautiful acoustic song by a band called the Icarus Account called Favourite Girl.  At the end it said “will you be my girlfriend?” and there was a knock at my front door. There he was, all suited up with the biggest bunch of flowers!!! I have never had anyone do something so nice for me in my life. Writing it down now is making me cry all over again!!

The little things he does for me mean everything.

He makes me question all of my old ways of thinking. Maybe there is someone out there for everybody ? Because I certainly think I have found my one.


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