Back on the diet

I have always had a hard time eating healthily, food is LIFE!! There is nothing I get more satisfaction out of then biting into a big juicy burger covered in fat. My food weaknesses are pasta, bread, milk, cheese, cream; pretty much all the things that are absolutely horrendous if you’re watching your figure.

After I had Esme I had ballooned from 11st 5lbs to 13st 10lbs so i wasn’t a swimsuit model before either but it was enough for me to be noticeably HUGE. Now I don’t believe in dieting when you’re pregnant, eating healthy of course but dieting?? Dieting in 99% of girls minds is starving yourself, eating a lettuce for dinner. NO WAY. If you’re pregnant and your body is telling you to eat maccies just bloody eat it. Nine times out of ten your body is lacking in something and your favourite food to contain this has popped into your brain. The rest is just your crazy ass hormones beings their usual crazy ass selves! I craved curry, fajitas, chilli con carni; pretty much anything spicy when I was pregnant and there was no way in hell I wasn’t going to eat it. I AM A CRAZY, HUNGRY PREGNANT WOMAN NOW GET ME MY FAJITAS! so it was no wonder really I put on so much weight.

In the first year of Esmes life I did absolute nothing to shift it. Why? because I was a single, new mother and to be honest I could not be flippin bothered! It did get to a point where I felt extremely uncomfortable in my own skin (and it didn’t help I made the drastic decision to shave my head ) so no I wasn’t looking my best at this point… I made the choice to get rid of it. The beginning of 2014 I started, nothing drastic at first just smaller portions ( my portions are made for ten men ) and no takeaways. Although I did see a difference instantly and lost 6lbs in the first week! Then I cut down my carb intake and started to exercise and go to the gym. Within 3 months I had lost 2 stone and gone down to 11st 10lbs, almost pre pregnancy weight. It got boring… working out? Ill do it tomorrow. I fancy a pizza, one wont hurt ill get back on it tomorrow…

Lost it.

I piled on half a stone over 6 months. Not bad really considering? But I started to feel uncomfortable again. December 2014 I decided I had had enough. No carbs, high protein, intense exercise I lost 12lbs in two weeks. Pretty fast, maybe too fast! but I could see the difference straight away! People noticing how thin I looked, complimenting me on my figure it was all the motivation I needed!! I am now down to 10st 5lbs and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. I actually like my body, I don’t cringe whenever I look at myself. In my eyes there is still a lot of improvement to be made but I am happy with my progress in such a short amount of time too. The last week or so I have lost it again completely, luckily I have not put any back on but I am BACK ON IT. I would love to get down to 9st 5lbs and stay that weight so fingers crossed!!


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