I don’t get out much

Not anymore! Due to lack of money and to be honest there is not much to do around here that’s child friendly and FREE. I don’t like taking Esme to the local park (because I don’t really feel like getting mugged), all my friends work full time so are unavailable, and I don’t particularly fancy going into town to look at all the beautiful things I can’t afford. Everything else to do around here costs so I spend my days rotting in the house with a bored child. People say “just go for a walk!”. Um where exactly do you propose I go? Walk down my street there’s houses, road,  annoying kids. Round the block? Houses, road, annoying kids. The nearest thing in this area is 3 miles away and that’s a shopping park, no I REFUSE to look at things you need money for!
Today after watching Tinkerbell for the 1973272839299226th time (only a slight exaggeration…) I’d had enough. So I rummaged around the house for some money and managed to found a few pounds, YAY ME!! Bus fair!!!

Now.. what to do?!  
I’d found just enough to get the bus to Loughborough, 30 minute bus ride away and my boyfriend lives there too so day out AND get to see the Mr! Today’s just getting better! ( I did say I was easily pleased!! )
A little walk down the canal was on the agenda and to be honest I LOVED IT. It was just what we needed, the sun was shining but with a slight chilly breeze, the ducks were out ( sociable ducks? come to loughborough ! ) and it was pretty empty considering it is half term week which I MUCH preferred. Funny how something as small as a stroll down a canal can make your day seem so much better. Or am I seriously THAT boring ? XD


Esme found it a good idea to feed the ducks chicken nuggets. Is not some form of duck cannibalism? In a way? Or not..?
ANYWAY, after feeding the cannibal ducks, some diagonal walking, spinning around like a crazy child, splashing in muddy puddles ( it wasn’t until after I realised she was wearing her kickers… DAMN change to the wellies!!), almost falling into the canal several times, running around some more, splashing in puddles some more, scaring the poor ducks half to death, a collection of stones and one coat caked in mud later we decided to call it a day and head home.

She’s in bed… YAAAAY. I am writing this in my boyfriends jumper (because i miss him and it smells of him, is that sad? I don’t care ) going to watch my Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead now i have the opportunity, OVER AAAAAAND OUT!



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