Esmes second birthday and short review on Sea life centre birmingham

So today was my daughters second birthday!! I’m still in a little shock that it was two years ago today I woke up to find my own mum holding my beautiful newborn daughter in her arms. That was the day my life changed forever, for the better! And now she’s TWO?! Can’t get over it…

She has a LOT of family, on both sides so she has literally everything she could ever want already. That being it was really hard for me to think of what to get/do for her as everyone else had already decided.. this left me with almost zero options..
Her cousin Joseph who is three months older than her was taken to the sea life centre for his second birthday and I was told he really enjoyed it, so instead of buying lots of gifts my mum, step dad and I decided to take her on a day out. It also made sense because as I said in my last post we never get out. Sea life centre in Birmingham was the nearest and the website looked pretty damn good so it was decided!

Prices of the tickets were £12.50 each online for adults, free for under 3s. These were discounted prices for pre-booking on the internet and cost more to buy on the day at the doors. I HIGHLY recommend buying online as people were being turned away at the doors.

When we arrived there she got super excited! We’d only just got to the entrance and she was desperate to get inside pointing at all the pictures shouting “fishy!!” It was pretty cold out (and to be honest I was really excited too, I’d not been here since I was 6!!) so even though we were 15 minutes early for our allotted time we wanted to get in and get started. To be fair to the staff they were only doing their job when they told us to come back dead on 11am, they were clearly busy and there are time slots for a reason but it was SO DAMN COLD. Just let me in!! I want to see the big turtle!!!

Finally we are inside after aimlessly wandering (“oh that’s a nice Chinese restaurant… oh that’s a nice barge” ) and it was just like the photos on the website! It was beautiful presented, clean and the water eater as crystal clear ! They had a lot of variety to see from hundreds of clown fish,  to a HUGE octopus (which decided he didn’t want to play today and hid inside a divers helmet). There was even an interactive pool where you could touch the starfish which I thought was a brilliant idea! If Esme was a little older I would of loved her to have a go at it but if she’d had a go right now there would be no starfish. It would be a clump… on the wall… then possibly chucked in with the string rays. NOOO WAY. The staff were (mostly) quite friendly and helpful they even got my fidget arse, unimpressed child to sit still for a photo which is always good in my books!! Although at one point we were told to wait by a member of staff at a door and were not told why.. But we saw her letting other people through we asked why we were waiting and the answer was “its a six minute wait ” but she continued to let other people through. We later found out the wait was for a 4d cinema viewing and we could go straight on if we wished, if she had just explained that to us when we had asked her why we were waiting it would of saved a lot of grief. Customer service please sea life !! A lot of information about the different species were scattered all over the walls, floors and aquariums, very educational for kids and adults alike! Did you know with seahorses its the MALE that gets pregnant and gives birth? I didn’t! At the end there’s an “underwater” section where you are literally under  a glass dome of water watching the sharks and turtles swim over your head, a bit daunting but really fascinating and was easily my favourite part of the place!


The only downside really to the whole experience was the people.. it was way too crowded. It took us a long time to even SEE some of the attractions, a lot of which we didn’t get to see because it was simply too full. Yes its half term week but in my opinion they should have some sort of ticket sales control. They know the limit of the the place and it’s not comfortable when you’re having to hold little Jimmys hand to get a peek at the jellyfish, especially when his names actually Elliot and his mothers going to lamp you one. I enjoyed it fairly but would of preferred a lot less people around, it made the visit for us rather stressful and annoying standing in the same place for 10 minutes waiting to move to the next section because a pair of DUUHHHS think its a good idea to stand where the exit is. “AHHH look isn’t it amazing ?! ohhhhhh my gooood” ” JUST MOVE WOMAN!
Besides that Esme absolutely loved it and I WOULD recommend a visit! Just on a weekday during school time maybe…  Rating 7/10!

The rest of my girls day was just as brilliant, we all decided we couldn’t NOT get her some presents… so we took a trip to toys r us and she ended up with a merida, elsa, anna and tinkerbell doll! Her aunt an all her cousins came to visit her and had a blast of time destroying the house 😀 Later her Uncle (my brother) came to visit too and he had bought her a Belle doll! (SO MANY DOLLLLLS, next year I’m getting her Darth Vadar… its happening). It hit 9.30pm and she walked herself to bed. She walked herself to bed. She WALKED HERSELF TO BED. Thank you god.. I’m sorry for doubting you.
She has had a fantastic day and all her family has made it that way for her!! That’s all i ever want for my baby, lots of love and her happiness and she’s had an abundance of it!! Happy as Larry 😀


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