Yesterday was not a good day for me..  Nothing bad in particular happened but I tend to bottle up my feelings over a period of time until I burst  and I unleash on whoever is nearest to me ( verbally, I’m not violent xD ).
After ranting and sitting in silence for a while, i bawled my eyes out for a few hours until I was exhausted and fell asleep. I feel sorry for my boyfriend who was the poor soul who had to witness this! Luckily he’s a very understanding guy and just listened, patted my shoulder when needed and cuddled me when it was appropriate xD  This morning I’ve woken up feeling right as rain! Is it just the weather? Its cold but gorgeous out ! The sun makes everything better. I’m actually ENJOYING watching Sofia the first.. And I’m in a ridiculously good mood! I want to clean and do some college work!! I want to go to foxton locks and take Esme to the seaside ! I want to do everything !!  Hopefully it stays this way, positivity please be here to stay !! Life is amazing !!image


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