Routine is boring

Do you ever wake up and just feel like doing something entirely different ? Like jumping on a train and going somewhere you have never been before or taking a dance class, just because ? That’s how I feel today ! I feel like going to Nottingham to the robin hood attraction like I did when I was eight, or to Scotland ! I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland. Unfortunately I have neither the time or money to do this, which is what holds me back every time I get this feeling.. Even so it still makes all those things keeping me down on a day to day basis seem distant for a while, if it is only dreaming about it… these ideas are taking over my brain this morning!


The positive vibes from yesterday are still floating about thankfully! I’m doing the courses I want to do which are  fascinating and I have a great feeling I’m going to go far in that field, I have started saving (successfully for once) towards a holiday to Malta to see my family and have a (I think) well deserved rest!  My lovely friend Katie came to visit this morning bearing some fiery orange flowers which are simply gorgeous (who doesn’t like being bought flowers?!). We had an long catch up munching tuna mayo sandwiches on my sofa completed with a vat of tea and a performance by the mini vakarian. Seeing friends is a rarity nowadays so this little get together was pretty damn nice, and all in my pyjamas! What more could I of asked for this morning ? After she left it was back to watching Brave… The routine is back in full swing after a packed week so the Disney films have returned and intense boredom grabbed on for the ride.. Yaaaaay…

Over the last few minutes Esme and I are both exhausted so a nap is in order soon hopefully ( completely depends on how she is feeling..) More than likely though when she sleeps I will play some Xbox, the only time I ever get to play my games anymore (which is sooo weird considering I used to be able to spend 15 hours straight playing..) so taking full advantage of nap time is usually the way to go! Another great day and its only 12.30 😀 !!
I will see Scotland one day ..


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