Old and new!

I was just browsing through all of my photos my Facebook account earlier and couldn’t quite believe some of them! I had to show you guys as I didn’t even recognise myself!!
This is how much you can change  with a little bit of weight loss some hair growth and make-up lessons (thank godddd!!)

First off! Post pregnancy photo..


May 2013

This makes me cringe to no end!! Esme must of been around 3 months old here ? My hair is shaved at the back and sides I’m three stone (43 pounds) heavier, the make-up job is just.. ah man XD

This was when I was at my least confident (for obvious reasons) and made the decision to change.
I can’t stop staring at it..


Next up! Family holiday!


Post pregnancy – Minus ten pounds plus hair extensions! Skegness beach 2013

Clearly a little thinner here! Still cringe looking at it though… Still don’t think it looks like me! I’m not in denial !! Also look at the glory of English beaches?! The dull grey sea, cold stoney sands.. yeah…

So what’s next ?!

Most recent photos! ( you know my r2d2 top is AWESOME) is it just me or do I look completely different? I don’t know if it’s just I’m a lot more confident in myself and it’s coming across in photos or ? I have actually lost a little more weight since then too ! (THANK GOD for make-up right?! i know i have said before but I will keep saying it!!)

Last one though.. just want to show you guys this !
I AM THE SPIT OF MY MOTHER. And look at toddler me there, Esme is pecked out of my ass don’t you think ?! Excuse me, just shocks me everytime!!

That’s all for my short, random little post as its 11pm now, times gone stupid fast!l and im shattered. Sorry guys! Goodnight !!


4 thoughts on “Old and new!

  1. Holy smokes, you’re right! You and your mom look like twins. Wild! Gotta tell ya though, you look different from one pic to the next. Not sure if it’s the lighting or how the pic came out. Great photo, nonetheless! Thanks for sharing 🙂


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