Outgrowing things

So last night I went out with some of my closest friends for a few drinks (which I thought was well overdue ..) I had a fantastic night, the best night I’ve had a such a long time. It was rammed to high heaven everywhere we went and I was risking it with only a measly £30 to last me (literally scraped the barrel of my bank!). but still loved it more than I anticipated! I think everyone did !

me and my girlllllll

me and my girlllllll

Finally falling asleep at 5.45am and waking up a whole hour and a half later I’m feeling rough as a dogs arse today and I have to get up with Esme. My plan Is to take her to the park for the day! Despite the great night on the way home I thought to myself “that £30 I spent could of gone on …” Then listed a bunch of things I needed and now didn’t have a penny for and it made me feel sick ! ( and that wasn’t the tequila coming back up ! ) I feel like crap, I’m tired, I’m skint, my head feels like I’m continuously banging it in a brick wall and I have nothing to show for it. Back when I was 18 I spent hundreds on alcohol a month, I was pretty bad! I want to go abroad, get my own house, do my driving lessons buy a car and I’m wasting the pitiful money I do have and could be saving flushing it down the toilet? It was like a revelation, sounds super cheesy but I don’t wanna do this anymore, genuinely! Not for a while at least until I’m a bit more financially stable and my family Is in a good place. I’m 23 years old in a few months my daughter is two and I’m still living with my parents. Not by choice mind I’ve been searching for a house for three years but there are little changes that need to be made to get to where I want to be and this is one if them. So thats my unplanned, belated resolution for the next year at least. No more nights out !


2 thoughts on “Outgrowing things

  1. Hailing from Canada:

    I liked your post. I believe that’s what they call growing up. Congrats, many never make it this far.

    Follow me?

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