Loving life !

I have had such a lovely week this last week. I have gone back on a few of the promises to myself but it has been so worth it!

I started watching game of thrones last week and I’m  seriously addicted ! ( I know right, how have I never watched it before ?!) I’m on season three in five days, which is pretty quick considering I can only watch it once Esme has gone to bed so it’s meant a huge lack of sleep but I’m in love with John Snow !   Nom yes please! I just want to catch up already!!

On Friday it was a family meal for my daughters cousins birthday, mainly adults I think it was just so family could see the little guy ! But it was lovely and as you saw from my last post I may have eaten quite a lot.. Still recovering now !


Esme and then birthday boy

Saturday my mum, step dad, Esme and I went to a lovely little country pub because the sun was absolutely beautiful. There is nothing I love more than strolling through the countryside or sitting next to a canal with a drink in the fresh air. It was the perfect pick me up ! Later on in the day i went to my boyfriends house ( my mum has my daughter one night a week for me so I can see either friends or my boyfriend, I’m lucky !)  We were going to go out for a meal and have a gaming night in but last minute we went out drinking for his friends birthday in a random little town.. My best friend rushed along quickly grabbing the train too. We both had absolutey nothing to wear and no makeup so we had to make do! I ended up wearing one of my boyfriends jersey style tops as a dress, my only option !  We all ending up having a brilliant night !


Saturday night

Sunday was a complete doss day. Just how it should be ! Legends of oz, pjs, lamb roast and sleep. Heaven.

Yesterday I met an old friend and while there we managed to bump into three mutual friends we had no idea each other knew ! We ate a fat pizza and chatted for a while then headed home. As much as I hate it and moan about it I am a home bird.

This weekend is going to be eventful (for me ) too. I’m getting my hair revamped by a great friend of mine on Saturday and doing a huge boot sale clear out on the Sunday. Fingers crossed I get some decent money guys !

I hope you all had a great week too, and this week is just as brilliant ! 😘


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