Why is it cool to be a geek ?

Seriously. Growing up I wasn’t a normal girl, I’d play with cars and action men instead of Barbies and if anybody bought me a barbie i’d cut its hair off and give it tattoos.
Age 3 my brother introduced me to the Sega, obviously didn’t play very well back then but I loved it and I’ve been gaming ever since, before having my daughter gaming for 12 hours a day on days off work. I still own my Nintendo 64 and regularly set it up to play  goldeneye and legend of zelda I have a little collection of all my old consoles and games I refuse to sell because i still play them!. I became interested in zombies from around 6 which fair enough was probably too young but as I got older zombies were my favourite thing ! If anybody wanted to watch a film I’d automatically say “zombie horror ?”. Addicted ! When I was 4 for Halloween I dressed up as batman. Age six I was poison ivy ! Batman was a massive part of my childhood and still is today, he is easily my favourite hero and probably always will be. Star wars and lord of the rings were just what I loved growing up in my childhood and teenage years. I remember my brother and I used to come home from school to watch star trek voyager and buffy the vampire slayer and it became routine , they were the highlight of our days !


Rather dark.. The dark knight ! Haha! Get it ?! I'm so funny... !


Poison Ivy, thanks for my costume mum !

My point is, that’s who I am. I got BULLIED immensely for all of this because I wasn’t a ” normal ” girl. I was a “freak” because I wasn’t interested in polishing my nails and listening to RnB having pillow fights and girly sleepovers. I preffered to stay home playing whatever game I was obsessed with at the time and watching my films and programmes with my brother.
So.. Why is it suddenly “cool” to be a geek, as they call it ? Its not geeky to like these things.. But that’s what people are saying !
Everywhere I go there’s people (mainly girls) pretending to love all of said things because it makes them cool and people will like them more ! You can ask any of these people a question on these subjects and most would not be able to answer it. All the other millions of people out there that are like me and genuinely like gaming/zombies/lord of the rings etc, must also get peed off by this ?! After years of torments and abuse for being this way and now everyone wants to be this way… Irritating as hell!

That’s my little rant done with. But please drop us a comment if you agree/disagree !


4 thoughts on “Why is it cool to be a geek ?

  1. I know how you feel. I came to my geekdom late, I was in my teens when I fell face first into being a sci-fi fan, I had been a gamer since (like you) I was very young, but I started to become obsessed in my teenage years. You know, right when you get into high school and people start getting really cruel in how they treat the geeks and freaks, that’s when I became one.

    I got a bit of torture, but it helped that I had been a jock, I played football, baseball, and basketball, and I was not a small guy. So I avoided the physical torture (just because I was big enough to defend myself), but when I gave up playing all three sports to do Mock Trial, Academic Quiz Team, and the Debate Team, I caught a lot of flack. Even some from the coaches!

    And while, like you, part of me despises the fake geeks, part of me is excited by it. I’ve spent too much of my life acting like I’m someone I’m not (having to talk sports with my wife’s friends’ significant others is so very aggravating), getting to see the others have to bow down to those of us who know our geekdoms, those of us versed in the ways of the geek force, let them pretend.

    Also, know, that as a geek guy, married to a geek girl, I can tell you, the fake geek girls out there that do it for the attention, if they’re fake, they won’t land a geek. Maybe another poser like themselves, but true geeks can’t stand those who pretend (as you well know), and it won’t take long for a geek guy to figure it out.

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  2. I’m in high school (freshman) and I genuinely love gaming, anime, etc. and I get made fun of for it all the time, and I wear the ‘nerdy’ glasses because I’ve had the same ones since 7th grade and I actually like the look of them. But if someone else wears the same glasses or acts like they like gaming, anime, etc. then its cute and they ‘shouldn’t be judged’. I hate the way the social ladder works. If you’re fake, you’re at the top. If you’re real, you’re at the bottom. I just don’t understand it.

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