So much to do so little time

So currently I’m doing 3 level 2 courses studying from home and in October i start  a degree which is also an at home course ! As well as raising my daughter entirely on my own I’d consider my plate a little full.. But they’re musts! I’ve also recently taken up crochet and it’d pretty addictive I have to say, I may have been a little ambitious making my very first blanket almost two meters long. And that’s just the start, I’ll have to double that for the width! I have a feeling this may take a while ?


Finally getting somewhere

As well as that I’ve finally found it in me to catch up on all the things I gave up when I had Esme, such as my gaming and watching series like Game of Thrones ! I have to wait until Esme goes to bed at night before I can settle down and watch them ( crochet at the ready ) so my time is limited but its nice to get some of that back !  Now I’ve caught up on Game of Thrones its time to start watching American Horror Story …
Another thing I have found time for again is reading ! I’ve always loved reading but again having a toddler having the time to sit down and read a book ? Not heard of ! She’s finally getting to that age where she can entertain herself for a short time so I’ll take advantage of this and get a couple of pages out now and again throughout the day ! My boyfriends dad happens to have similar reading taste as I do so I got to borrow some of his books, ones I’ve wanted to read for a while ! 


My new reading material

There isn’t enough time in the day !!


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