I need a break

I’m exhausted.

For the last week I’ve been suffering with the fiercest migraines I’ve ever experienced to the point where I need to sit myself in a pitch black, silent room just to be able to sense things. My eyesight going with it, dizziness and blurring to the point where I have to just sit in one spot  and the slightest noise pierces through me like I’m standing next to somebody scraping their nails across a chalkboard. The pain is so intense ..
I can’t get a doctors appointment. My surgery only allows you to make  appointments at 8am for that very day so everyone calls at that time. After being on hold for half an hour I’m told the same thing every day.. “I’m afraid we have no appointments try again tomorrow”. I’m taking solpadol, which is making me feel so sick.. And I think a little high..

It doesn’t help that Esme has found that screeching, wailing, bawling, everything ear splittingly loud you can think of is her favourite thing to do as of late. I’m 100% sure children know when you’re feeling poorly so they just play up extra just cause they want to make you feel that little bit worse ! 

I feel sick as a dog, nobody can even watch Esme for me while I try to lessen the pain for a while so its just gradually getting worse, Esme is getting more and more wound up with me because I can’t physically get off of the sofa to play with her. If there’s such a thing as your head exploding from such a severe migraine I believe it won’t be long until it happens…
That dark, silent room is never going to happen at this rate…

GPs are useless 😦


11 thoughts on “I need a break

      • My parents grew wheat in 7 different pots, for each day of the way. Every day, they would snip off the grass, add some water, run it in the mixer and give me the juice. It would be barely 20 ml.
        We try a lot of natural methods at home, and it can be demanding. Also, I know that such methods might be very person-specific. The same might not work for you. But after 6-8 months, my migraine of 7 years got cured.
        Now,I have it rarely, only if I have been extremely stressed.


  1. I’m purposing not liking this post because what’s to like about headaches? Ugh. But I really do hope you feel better. The only thing that helps me is drinking gallons of water and taking deep breaths of fresh air. It sounds to me though, whatever you try won’t help. I wish you all the best. 🙂


  2. I suffer with migraine almost permanently. St John Wort on a daily basis helps reduce the frequency, and a bag of frozen peas on my head helps soothe the pain. I sympathise with you!


  3. Sometimes you have to acknowledge that you’re doing too much, pushing yourself too far and your body is asking for a proper break. Acknowledge that & do something for you. I hope you feel better soon. x

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