I’m scared

My daughter is probably one of the kindest, friendliest children I know. And not from being biased, she seriously is ! She never snatches, if another child snatches off of her she doesn’t react she just let’s them have it because she wants them to be happy. Even if the other child’s parent gives it back to Esme she always gives it back the kid who took it off her, cause she knows they want It. She wants to be friends with everyone she meets. As lovely as this is, it absolutely terrifies me.

I was bullied for the whole of my school life and I was a lot harder than she is. Some kids are vile !  What If they take advantage of her kindness? It breaks my heart thinking about all the nasty things those kids could do to her good natured soul. I’m dreading her going to school….


7 thoughts on “I’m scared

  1. That’s how all the good souls are changed. Maybe nobody would harm her, and if they do she will learn the way everyone does, to not care for people who don’t care for you. Don’t worry. 🙂


  2. As parents, it’s a constant fear all the way until they graduate HS. Just being aware of any changes in their behavior and reacting immediately as their protectors is all we can do. Scary, I know.


  3. Aww.. your kid sounds like a really sweet kid. Don’t worry about her she is probably tougher than you think. She will learn and know when people want to take advantage of her. It will sometimes hurt her but she will definitely be a tough kind girl

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