First Wrestlemania experience

Okay I’ll be honest… I wasn’t expecting much at all from this! I used to love wrestling as a kid (what kid doesn’t?) but I haven’t been the slightest bit interested for many many years. My boyfriend being the fanatic he is though, I had to make an effort right? At least TRY to watch it! He puts up with my gore filled films all the time, it only fair!
Simon dressed up as Bret Hart so we spent some time before heading out cutting hearts our of black leggings so the pink leggings underneath would be seen ! I don’t even know who his friends were, all I know is one was Seth Rollins? Pretty sure that’s his name. I’m not going to Google it, if its wrong I’m pretty sure its close so you will know who I mean XD Watching it live from England it started at midnight and ended at 4am. For someone who is usually fast off at 9.30 this was going to be challenging…

So like I said… was not expecting much at all! But honestly, I got into it! At first I couldn’t remember all their names so I gave them my own memorable names (Evanescence, Gimli, Cruella, Michonne, Trevor, Renley, Silas – if you haven’t already figured it out these are off of LOTR, GOT, TWD, GTA and Da Vinci code ) OH DEAR. If they reminded me of somebody or looked like someone, that was their name! But towards to end I didn’t refer to them as these any more because I was so into it! I think my boyfriend may have loved it just a little ? 😛

Its pretty much a guarantee I’ll be watching more wrestling in the future (its inevitable with a boyfriend like mine!) haha not only for that reason though because I did love it. And yes I know its all made up before anyone decides to tell me!! 😛

Best part is ? I stayed up till 4am for the first time in 3 years. Might not be an achievement for any body else but it is for me!!


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