Who needs them ?!

Everyone’s out for themselves, so should I be. Difference is, I’ll still put everyone else first no matter how much I tell myself that.. And be the one hurting at the end if it all.

Piece of advice: don’t be nice.

I’ve been nice my whole life and people walk all over me. I’m the one who people come to when they break up with their boyfriend and need a shoulder to cry on at 3am  ( actually happened ) despite having to wake up with my daughter every hour during the night, exhausted. The one person that people come to for advice, for encouragement and positivity. But when I need a friend nobody is there, they’re all too busy trying to be friends with other people and they don’t care if I get trampled on in the process.

I wish I could be a horrible person, but i can’t. 

Guess I have no true friends.


5 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I feel a bit like that too sometimes! I try so hard to fix all my friends problems and they won’t even listen to mine!
    But my Mum says “never trust anyone, outside you’re family”!
    Hope my comment has helped your problem

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  2. Its funny how the human heart and soul yearns for reciprocation from the same people.even when we try to ignore it.We are just lucky that somehow ‘other’ people come to feel that space.

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