Does anyone else miss the feeling of being a child ? The innocence, lack of responsibility, the freedom ?! What I miss most of all is how magic was so believable. Watching Disney films and believing that it happened in real life too, one day something  wonderful would happen to you and you’d have your own adventure ! I love seeing all those things in my daughters face, as she watches peter pan, her face beaming with amazement ! I wish she could stay that naive and innocent and never have to face all the nasty things the world has to throw at you. If only


2 thoughts on “Innocence

  1. I know exactly how you feel, it was like you didn’t have to worry about anything because you knew there’d always be somebody there for you, as a child it’d be making dens with my brothers and playing games outside all day long. Then watching Disney movies. I love being a teenager (18 yrs old) but sometimes I just close my eyes and wish I could go back to those moments xx

    Lifestylegirl22 xx


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