Today has been a rollercoaster of emotions .. The last few weeks I have been bottling up so much stress/upset/misery my bottle has finally burst and poured out in one day. I don’t have a bad life, in fact I tell myself every single day that some people would love to have my problems over theirs and that its not as bad as others situations are..  I know this yet I’m still entitled to feel how I feel .
Its not just one thing I’m fretting over, though it was one minor thing that set it all off.. But a variety of things that have accumulated over a long period of time and everybody knows, not talking about it or dealing with it properly exacerbates things immensely!  Yet we all still do it ?
I’ve decided I should probably take a trip back to the doctors as crying as much as I am throughout the day without finding a reason as to why I am is not normal, and all too familiar. Depression worms itself in and out of your life forever and easily recognised once you have suffered with it for a long time as all sufferers know. It never goes away, just gets better for short spells of time.

So Hello depression!  Not very nice to see you again ! Can’t you just piss off forever ? Ta very much.


7 thoughts on “Emotional

  1. Just remember to to smile. Sometimes we feel like no one understands what we’re going through but I’ve learned that we’re never lonely. Everything will get better I promise, just have faith.

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  2. (((Hugs))) to you, I suffer with depression too … Summer is on it’s way, I find the sunshine a great mood lifter. Try and get out for a walk everyday it helps me hopefully it will help you too. X


  3. Don’t allow depression to rule your life! Know that you are loved and will be loved forever. You have to know that everyone has one of those periods in their life when everything is not going right but surround yourself with people that build you a lot! Fight against the feelings of sadness!


  4. Depression, I’m told, is anger turned inward. I have to agree. I stuff things down, too. I’m trying to learn how to speak up when I need to and work through it when I can’t. *Hugz* Boundaries and Beyond Boundaries are 2 excellent books that are helping me. They are Christians books. Another book that has helped is Conquering Depression.


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