Ambitions and goals

My lovely boyfriend and I were talking earlier today about all of the things we want and have planned for our futures and we, or rather he came up with the idea of writing everything we want down, to keep focused and remind ourselves of what it is we are working our asses off for!! I’m going share with you all my own personal life goals while I relax with a candle on, looking forward to my future..

Move out
I am twenty-three years old and still live with my parents. Not by choice at all, as I have said in previous posts I have been wanting to move out since I was a teenager but circumstances have held me back. I am actually getting to the point in my life now where this is actually looking like it is in the forseeable future ! I can’t wait to have my own home, yes it will be difficult, yes I will be penniless but the space and freedom of my own home cancels those things out for me completely.

Own my own home
The idea of this seems so far out of reach for me right now. Actually so far it feels like it may possibly never happen. Just for the reasons I currently am unemployed, the height of my education is GCSE grades and again.. living with the parents. SO FAR AWAY… but I will do this. I WILL. I want to have something, stability for myself my boyfriend and my daughter. I wan’t to know that it is my home.
Scuba dive
For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the sea and all things in it. And space! Anything really that has endless, beautiful possibilities is just astonishing to me. Many of you may have already done this and see it as unworthy of the title “life goal” but I don’t ever get opportunities like that. I want to scuba dive. I want to see life under the sea and explore it. I can’t even begin to explain how much happiness this would bring me!

See Italy
I love Italy. I love its culture, its history, its people. Everything. I need to see it with my own eyes!! And I need to crouch on the Colosseum in an assassins robe.. it has to happen.

Have a games room
I don’t care how long it takes, I will have a room dedicated to my love of gaming. I will have two 60″ TVS, a PC and every console ever made on a 50 slot shelf with hundreds of games covering the walls. So covered, it looks like the wallpaper.

Pass my driving test
I never did my test. I did a handful of lessons at 18 and stopped because I “had no money”. Or rather I’d of rather have spent it on alcohol. I hate you 18 year old Zoe. You’re an idiot.


Finish my degree
I finally start my degree in October!! This in itself is massive for me as I never thought I would even get to THIS stage. I want to pass, with the best grades I possibly can! I’m determined to do this for myself as well as my family!!

Get Esme into stage school
My daughter is a little performer. She was BORN for the stage and she would be a natural. I want her to have all the confidence I never had as a child, which held me back from doing all the things I wanted to do in life. Of course if she doesn’t want to do this she doesn’t have to, she has a choice. But I think she will LOVE it.

Have a career and be financially stable
My mum struggled when we were growing up. She still struggles a little now but she’s way more financially well off now than she was when we were little. I remember how much she struggled and seeing her stresses and worrying how she was going to pay the bills. I want to get to that point in my life where I never have to worry how I will pay the rent this month or of I have to rob Pete to pay Paul (just a saying guys, chills your beans). I want a career that I not only  enjoy (not even enjoy, as long as I don’t hate it) but pays fairly well too. I just need to get some confidence behind me..

Get married
Okay.. according to my boyfriend I should of been born a man because my manly traits far outweigh my female ( I DO LIKE SOME GIRL STUFF!!) but come on, which girl doesn’t dream of their wedding ? I already know pretty much exactly how i want everything ( sorry si, you don’t get a say here ) and I am excited for my big day ! Whenever that may be! (HINT HINT SIMON 😉 )


These are the LONG TERM goals I have for my life. The things I want the most. I’m going to remind myself on a daily basis, yes it’s hard now, yes it probably will get harder. But nothing worth having was ever easy and you have to battle through!! I will get there!!

What are your dreams and aspirations ? What keeps you motivated ?!


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