The Witcher III: To buy, or not to buy!?

So let’s talk about my latest obsession..
It’s not very often I get massively addicted to playing a certain game. I love many games and play them often but to the point where all I can think about is that time of night when my daughter sleeps so I can get in my jammies and violently kill some nasties is a rarity for me!

THE WITCHER III: Wild Hunt, is a fantasy RPG (role playing game, for those who do not know their acronyms) played in a third person perspective! Which I personally, prefer. Your main playable character is a Witcher called Geralt of Rivia who being a fictional animated character looks pretty damn good.. EXCUSE ME. A Witcher for those who don’t know are “mutant” people who are specially and ruthlessly trained at Witcher schools to become monster slayers. but only for money right?!   With their training and high consumption of different mutagenics they become faster, stronger  and more resistant to damage far beyond any normal human. And you have magic. Who doesn’t love magic??! And you have your own horse. Called Roach. LOVE.

The main plot line continues from the previous witcher games, though you don’t have to have played them to understand what is happening (I haven’t played them myself, but I will be now!) So don’t let that put you off purchasing!


Maybe it’s just me ( I have always been a sucker for fantasy RPG’s) but open worlds are the best right? And side quests. UGH  the more the better! I Have already sunk a good sixty hours into this game and have barely scraped the barrel. SIDE QUESTS GALORE!!  The maps are HUGE and there is so many different things to do. You have Main Quests, Secondary Quests, Witcher contracts and treasure hunts. Not only those but in almost every villiage (and there’s a lot of them) they have notice boards where locals villagers ask for help. AND (there’s more god I can’t cope ) you will find exclamation marks randomly appear on your maps where EXTRA quests pop through, and last but not least you’ll even run into random encounters which I find fascinating! The last one I saw was riding past a house in the middle of nowhere I saw one red dot (enemy) inside it which I thought was strange as enemies are usually never alone and hardly ever inside. A lone bandit had broken into the house, killed the owner and was ransacking the place. AMAZING. Can you tell I love this game? I’m literally buzzing just writing about it.

I can’t go too much into plot as like I said, sixty hours in I think I’m only 4% completion or so! BUT I can give points out of ten for categories so far. When I have completed the game fully I shall be posting a fully updated and detailed review !

Controls: 8/10
Controls are just a WEEEE bit off. Probably not noticeable to a lot of people. I feel as if they are just a fraction of a second out of whack which doesn’t usually affect gameplay (sometimes when you’re In a tense fight though you curse the SOB). Maybe I’m being a little picky, but honestly not something to concern about.

Graphics: 10/10
The scenery and detail in this is overwhelming. I find myself stopping mid-play to admire the views (and usually end up being attacked by an overpowered griffin in a daze). You can’t help but stare though! The night to day transition is so stunning and well done you forget you’re playing a game. I’m not kidding!

Feels: 9/10
Ha. Feels. No honestly though you do get attached emotionally surprisingly easy and to some very strange characters! ( He is going to be aliv- OH GOD DAMN IT I wanted him to live *sobs*)  Emotional attachment is massive to me I want to feel for the characters I want to feel like I am part of this, get lost in it. You did well ..

Value for money: 10/10
If you’re a tight wad like me, £44.99 new in game seems extortionate (back in the day..*gazes into distance*) BUT with gameplay, graphics, content, characters, emotional plotline (those feelings though) there is so much beautiful work and love put into this game and an inordinate amount of stuff to do.

All very high scores from me !! Okay maybe I love this too much.. But there’s another section! Pros and Cons !


Okay I’m not being silly, there are SOME Cons.. For example..

The storage which they have actually very recently improved !! Before the latest patch storage was a nightmare, you can pick items up off of bodies, loot houses and cargo even monster nests so you’re constantly picking things up but they only had a inventory of 90 which fills up extremely quick especially if you wear heavy armour. They have just introduced stash chests where you can store some more things which HAS helped.. But the 90 should still be raised a little. I can barely wear armour and have a sword without having to drop things to make room. Also the game can tend to be a little glitchy. A few times I have found mid quest enemies just disappear under the floor where you cannot reach them, so you have to reload the game because you can’t finish the quest without finishing the enemy. These kind of glitches happen almost every every time you play, though it’s not as bad as it sounds. The game is so good you can forgive it for these little mishaps !

That pretty much sums up by short “so far” review of thIs AMAAZING game.. So the clearly obvious answer is… DUH DUH DUHHH…
You’d be crazy not to go out and buy it. Go buy it. Now. Right now. Yes. NOOOOW


35 thoughts on “The Witcher III: To buy, or not to buy!?

      • Damn… That’s what you should gone with in the first place! I love it. The funny this is, I pre-ordered Elder Scrolls but picked up The Witcher instead because I heard nothing but good things about it. I love the gameplay and the fighting surprised me! I hate the hack and slash games but this one reminded me in a sense of God of War minus the high number of combos lol

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      • It’s amazing isnt it !! Mine came with my Xbox one package and I’d never heard of before but its everything I love in a game 😀 magic, swords, open world. And you can put so much time into it !! I’ve never played elder scrolls/skyrim but I’ve heard they’re really good too 😀

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      • It really is! Oh, so you just got Xbox One not too long ago then. This game is awesome! I heard good things about those games as well but I played Skyrim and didn’t like the fighting style much. That game has such an open world and one can put in hundreds of hours into the game but still not be even close to finish with it 🙂


      • No my boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday in may ! I’ve had my trusty 360 for eight years aha 😀 yeah I think that’s why I love it so much !! That’s why I love mass effect too there’s so much to do it so many side quests !

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      • The Witcher game has been out for that long? Time flies! I still have my trusty PS3 as well but unfortunately it has been collecting nothing but dust… I upgraded the HDD drive from 120 GBs to 1 TB too but now it gets no playing time lol
        Did you see that they will be dropping a new Mass Effect later this year or next year?!

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      • I know can’t believe it’s the end of July already ! Haha yeah you have to keep them though I still have my gameboy original, colour, sp, n64, GameCube, ps1 and ps2 too I can’t bear to part with them ! I know I’m so excited, Andromeda ! Mass effect is my favourite, I have three mass effect tattoos 😀 addicted !/

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      • Before we know it, it’ll be the fall and winter. You know what that means, more great games! I wish I had never parted ways with my Gameboy Color, Advanced, SP, PS One, or PS2! Really? That’s awesome! Did you post pictures of them on here?

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      • YES I really want the new batman but I’m so poor I can’t afford it 😦 ahhh man why did you ?! Go buy them all again ! XD no but theyre on my instagram ! Same name on that too, zoevakarian 😀

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      • I have the new Batman! It’s awesome! I’m pissed because I got 7% into it and when I upgraded my 500 GB HDD to a 2 TB I didn’t backup that game’s saved data to the cloud so I lost all of my progress. In other words, now I have to start all over again… I should buy them all over again! They will definitely be nice to have. Is your page public because I don’t have an Instagram?


      • Yeah its public :D. Ah man I’m so jealous !! Oh really that must be so annoying.. ;( my dying light did that ! But for no reason ?! I hate starting again its so frustrating haha ! 😀 go out and get an xboxone while you’re at it ! :p

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      • I just checked it out. The tattoos and Instagram are awesome by the way 🙂
        You have dying light?! How is that? No, I will never own an Xbox One! You should upgrade to a PS4 so we can play though 🙂

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      • You’re welcome! Makes me want to have an Instagram just so I can follow lol but yeah that’s what I heard about that game! So many zombies! It’s true because Playstation has been known to be the better system of the two lol

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      • Haha it possibly is ! I tend to stick to routine and I Xbox has been for a while :p aw thanks haha ! You should get instagram ! Yeah on the game at night it gets pretty freaky, they sneak up on you!!

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      • According to the sales, Sony sold more Playstations than Microsoft sold Xboxs lol just saying. You ruined routine in getting an Xbox to begin with… You own a PS1 and a PS2. A PS1 was around before an Xbox came out… I’m constantly being told to get an Instagram but I don’t know lol I’ll get into trouble. Really? Now I want to play it!

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      • Your brother ruined something good… He should have bought you a PS3 instead! And because a lot of fake people from my past will try to make themselves relevant in my life again but I will have to put them in their place 🙂
        I’ll wait until it goes on sale lol

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      • Yeah just tell them ! Or obviously ignore them they will get he message eventually 🙂 🙂 haha I do need a PlayStation I need the final fantasy x and x-2 HD remakes !!yeah good plan shouldn’t be too long hopefully 😀

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      • I’d rather just avoid all that which is why I only have WordPress 🙂
        You really do! I seen that they are remaking those games. They look amazing! It might sound bad but I never played those games before…


      • I’m dead serious! Will I need to play the first one in order to follow or will I be able to jump in at whatever point?


      • No you can play whichever every final fantasy is a different storyline , different people, different world. Unless it says x-2 or xiii-2 . basically if it has a two then its a sequel:D my favourites are VII , VIII and X !

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      • After I got my PS4, they had a 25 anniversary edition. This thing was the same color as the first one. I wanted it so bad!


    • Aha I haven’t played either the first or second, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you if there were ! I definitely want to play them now though, this game is amazing. Playing it right now ! 😀


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