My Nintendo 64 Favourites

Nintendo 64 was probably the biggest console influence in my life as it was massive around the time I was old enough to actually PLAY a game properly Those blockey pixels stretched across a box TV that weighed more than a small house were some of the best times in my childhood ( I didn’t get out much ) and the pain in the ass controller that you needed three hands to master..
There are SO many games for the N64 I love ! But there are a select few that stick out like a sore thumb.. childhood nostalgia please!

GoldeneyeBlog3 Project64_2011-08-30_17-09-46-38

Sitting on the floor of my brothers room, controller in hands, glitching our way back up the air vent in the bathroom, throwing grenades down to the hundreds of duplicate guards speeding into the one cubicle. This has to be one of the best games of all time, right?! (Why don’t they do split screen games anymore? THEY WERE AWESOME) The amazing music, the graphics (which at the time were fantastic) the awful pistol “pewpew”s, the big head cheat. THE BIG HEAD CHEAT. Hundreds of the same gigantic head rushing towards you was the most hilarious thing in the world! That amazing feeling when you had the golden gun in multiplayer and you were the BOSS. And absolutely everything blows up. Even chairs. Yes chairs.


Running_ManZelda: Ocarina of Time
Out of all of the nintendo games, Zelda is probably my favourite. I’m still obsessed to this day but I don’t get to play as much anymore (sad times). From the amazing tunes (A down up A down up sound familiar? ALWAYS ) to Links annoying little UGH YAHHHHs everything about this game is awesome and always will be no matter how advanced games become! Epona was my baby and HATED leaving her outside of villiages (still do, i don’t grow up). It doesn’t matter how many times you complete it, that water temple is still just as hard as the first time you played it and also, why is that man running around Lon Lon Ranch so hard to catch?! is it just me!?

n64-5217-21348617094 NINTENDO64--Legend of Zelda The  Ocarina of Time  Master Quest_Jan17 8_43_21

Banjo Kazooie

Did anyone play that newish Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts? it was AWFUL. why ruin an amazing game?! ANYWAY. I think I fell in love with this game from day one, even though the witch scared me as a child and I had a strange fascination with witches boobs after this for a  while.. I have no idea why! Even though I loved it I found it strangely hard (Still do at 23 years old) and the GAME OVER cut scenewhere Tooty becomes huge and green kills me everytime!! You are emotionally scarring me god damn it!! WAH.

03 - Banjo's Bed


This has totally made me want to set up my N64.. I know what I’m doing with my time tonight! What were your favourite games from your childhood?! What was your favourite console?! I’d love to know!!


7 thoughts on “My Nintendo 64 Favourites

  1. Love it! We never had a Nintendo 😦 but we had Sega’s and the moved onto Playstation. Fav’s for the Sega master system – Alex the Kidd (built in), Indiana jones. Sega mega drive – altered beast. I actually have Alex the Kidd and altered beast on Playstation 3 – in original 2d only need direction and 2 buttons format!

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    • Omg you’re awesome !! I was a massive sonic fan for the Sega I was always tails because my brother was the eldest he got to be sonic xD ps1 was amazing , star wars jedi power battles has so many memories !!

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