Tips for the newbie parents!

Being a parent is damn hard. “Nooooo you don’t say?!” I hear the world cry. But honestly, until you have a child you don’t have the faintest, slightest, miniscule idea of just how difficult it is! You
may think you do (I know I thought I did) but no. You don’t. And like I always say on every post, a dog doesn’t count.

I have five tips for every mother or father, from my own personal experiences, to make those difficult times just a wee bit better, for you and for everyone !

You time
As parents we always put our children’s needs/wants before our own. And so we should! High five everyone, we are awesome !! But guess what, we also need some time. Alone time, friends time, sleep time (the most important of all, obviously) just a little portion of “away”. I don’t care what anybody says, it is needed to stop us all going stir crazy. Just one precious hour away from the repetitive squealing and ” you’ve got a friend in me” on loop can clear your brain and make you feel much more positive,  in turn making you more fun to be around and it better for your children.

Day trips
I know I know. Exhausting. The tons of preparation, the seemingly unimpressed toddlers finding something to cry about ( because there’s ALWAYS something to cry about if you didn’t already know?! ) the continuous chasing the empty purse at the end of the day, as well as a ton of extra stuff in your nappybag you have to lug around ! But these trips are imperative. There isn’t anything better in terms of.. everything. Shared experiences, extra bonding, just getting out of the house in the open air  and it doesn’t have to cost a thing if money id an issue, there are free centres, farms, play areas almost everywhere you just have to google it! Yes it is going to be shattering but I can guarentee at the end of the day you and your children alike will be going to bed happy and fulfilled.

Stick to the rules
Living with my parents still, this is a tough one for me as we all disagree a lot on a variety of things ( one rule from one one rule from another ) ! So this is why I tell you, have one set of rules and stick to them. No matter what!! Tantrums will fly, tears will be shed, you will rip around 90% of your hair out but in the long term it will pay off DRASTICALLY.  It will make bedtimes, dinnertimes, bath times , everything so much easier and less stressful on everyone involved. Do not give in to the cries !! I repeat DO NOT !!

Sleep in their own bed
I made the massive mistake of having my daughter sleep in my bed with me from a very young age, simply because she slept better when I was next to her ( which in turn means I slept better.. ). ABORT!! everyone warned me this was a bad idea that she would forever be in my bed and privacy would no longer be a thing. Why didn’t I listen ? Honestly guys DO NOT DO IT. Yes you will possibley get more sleep, yes you may be able to rest a little easier seeing them/feeling then next to you, but you will never have your bed again. Ribs will be bruised, noses will be broken (almost literally, their little limbs fly everywhere !) You or your partner will be sleeping on the sofa because these children KNOW when they are not next to you and will not be happy (typing this on my phone at 8am with my LO on top of my chest in bed) Do not do it !!

Quality time
This sounds obvious right ? You need to spend one on one time with them? You’d be surprised ! I’ve seen parents who are on call with their best pals, on their phone or computers ALL DAY. I’m guilty of it myself, sometimes you don’t realise because time just goes and when kids are entertaining themselves you wanna get some cheeky tweets in. Put the phone down, turn the TV off. Spend one on one with your kids more often. Do a jigsaw together, do some messy painting or get some garden chalks and draw princesses on the slabs ( thats my LO favourite ). Anything at all. My daughter is only two and a half and I swear It was yesterday I left the hospital with her in my arms. Time is fleeting. Before you know it they’ll be 18 going to uni and be youll wondering what happened. Where did all he time go ?!

I’m not a perfect parent. Nobody is ! These are just a few tips from my own, short experience of being a mother (so far). Take heed parents to be !! 😁


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