Crazy Cat Lady?

It’s funny isn’t it. People, myself included, have done or do use the term “crazy cat lady” in jest !
But recently, the last few months especially I’ve been feel lonely. And I sympathise with people who do turn to animals for


I used to think I had many close friends. I don’t.

I hate sounding so down like this, why would anybody want to read such a depressive post ? In all fairness, I am lonely.
I don’t have any friends, not really.
I have people who say they’re my friends, but no they’re not. They don’t talk to me, they don’t “try” with me. They just get irritated with me when I can’t come to their beck and call.
Talk about me behind my back.

I have been turning to animals to have some company. First it was a hamster, then my hamster had babies and I kept two… today I got a cat. They’re helping me feel like I have company, friends.

I want more. I want to feel like I have friends. My animals are my friends.

I’m turning into a “crazy cat lady ”
But it helps me cope.
And i dont mind that 


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